CTTT Dispute

What is the CTTT?
The Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal is a low cost informal tribunal for all home building disputes for less than $500,000.

What are home building disputes?
Home building disputes that you can ask for the CTTT to resolve include:

  • Appeals against a home warranty insurer’s decision
  • Disputes between a builder and a subcontractor
  • Disputes between an owner and a builder or contractor

What can Buildsure do to help if you are dealing with a Building Dispute & CTTT matter?
At Buildsure we understand the frustration one may encounter during a Building Dispute & CTTT matter hence we endeavour to provide you with the support and evidence needed for your dispute, in order to help you reach a favourable resolution.

In order for your claim to be favourable in your interest, you will need to provide evidence on your hearing date at the Tribunal to prove your claim. Hence a professional report from a building expert is required. A building expert from Buildsure can also be present on the day of your hearing, as further information from the building expert may be required to help prove your claim.

Buildsure highly recommends you carry out a professional building report to help support your claim and also to have a building expert present on the day of your hearing.

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